We need to approach merging of Workflow server slightly different. Methods like registerWorflow, getWorkflow etc need to be part of API server so client like Xbaya need to call them remotely. I am going to get rid of workflow server and merge methods to Airavata API server and handle launch in Orchestrator. 


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+1 for merging Workflow service with Orchestrator,
we are not get any advantage by keeping those two as separate services.


On Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 4:35 PM, Raminderjeet Singh <raminderjsingh@gmail.com<mailto:raminderjsingh@gmail.com>> wrote:
I need to move workflow sever/client out out API server to remove extra dependencies on workflow model. I am going to move workflow server and client to orchestrator server and can get rid of server part as next step.


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+ 1.

I think we can leave out the workflow service and its probably best to embedded it with orchestrator, since there is so much overlap. So that leaves 3 services:

API Server - Client
Orchestrator Server -Client
GFac Server - Client


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Hi All,

I am fixing AIRAVATA-1471 to create separate distributions for all the Thrift services in Airavata so that we can run all in separate JVMs and dockerize (www.docker.com<http://www.docker.com>) the servers. In this exercise, i found we don’t have client stubs for several components in separate artifacts like Orchestrator Client is part of Orcherstrator Service, GFAC client is part of Orcherstator-Core, Workflow server and client is part of Airavata API server and client. To be consistent with API server and reduce maven dependency tree, i am going to create airavata— <component>—stubs package and add the component client to that project. I need to move the code and changed dependencies etc. Please let me know if there are any objections. If not i will go ahead tomorrow and make the change and commit them after testing.


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