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From Shameera Rathnayaka <>
Subject Evaluate Suitable Scientific Workflow Language for Airavata.
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2014 15:26:10 GMT
Hi All,

As we all know Airavata has its own workflow language call XWF. When XWF
was introduced, main focus points are interoperability and convertibility.
But with years of experience it is convinced that above requirements are
not really useful when we come to real world use cases. And XWF is XML
based bulky language where we attache WSDLs and Workflow image it self. But
with the recent changes WSDL part is being removed from XWF.

It is worth to evaluate handy Scientific workflow languages in industry and
find out pros and cons, at the end of this evaluation we need to come up
with idea how we should improve Airavata workflow language, either we can
improve existing XWF language, totally change to a new language available
in industry or write a new light weight language. Basic requirements that
we expect from new improvement are, high usability, flexible, light weight
and real time monitoring support. As you can see above requirements are not
direct comes with workflow languages but we need workflow language which
help to support above requirements.

After reading few papers and googling, initially i have come up with
following three existing languages,
1. YAWL <>
​3. SIDL <>

In my opinion SIDL is more familiar with scientific domain, Radical-SAGA
also uses slightly modified version of SIDL. Other than above three
languages we can come up with simple workflow language base on json(or
yaml) which support all our requirements for some extends.

It would be grate if I can get more input regarding the $Subject form the
airavata community. You all are more than welcome to provide any type of



Best Regards,
Shameera Rathnayaka.

email: shameera AT , shameerainfo AT
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