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From Saminda Wijeratne <>
Subject Re: How to add a new Jobsubmission
Date Tue, 05 Aug 2014 18:59:04 GMT
Hi Lahiru,

I understand your pain. You guessed it correct. All these inconveniences
are due to limitations in thrift where it doesn't support inheritance and
polymorphism. We'd be glad for a better approach which thrift would also
support. :)

On Tue, Aug 5, 2014 at 12:32 AM, Lahiru Gunathilake <>

> Hi All,
> Please bear with me for my less knowledge about thrift, I have following
> questions about thrift models  in app-catalog when I tried to add a new
> jobSubmission to computeResourceModel.
> We have few JobSubmissionProtocols and I wanted to add a new protocol. I
> am not sure why we have defined each struct separate, why can't we have
> inheritance(my guess is thrift doesn't support).
> When I added the new type I realized I have to add a new method in
> to store that new type. Each Job Submission protocol has to
> be saved first and have to implement a new method to add  that. For me this
> seems little odd. We have methods
> like addSSHJobSubmissionDetails, addLocalSubmissionDetails. This is a very
> big change because I have to again add a new method to Airavata thrift
> service and add an implementation to AiravataServerHandler. When I look in
> to these objects they cannot be re-used among compute resources because
> they have very much machine specific details like(ssh port etc), so a
> single SSHJobSubmission object shouldn't be shared among different hosts,
> in that case why do we have to save them separate and get an ID and set
> that ID to computing resource.
> And there is another class ComputeResourceImpl and it has the same set of
> methods to add each and every object then I have to add another method to
> that and invoke that in the Can someone please
> tell me why do we have to invoke registry 4 times to save a
> computingResource, why can't I just set everything to the computing
> Resource and save with a single operation ? What are the reasons we have
> operations to save each atomic things in computingResources and give
> computingResourceId for each component.
> For all these questions, the only answer is that thrift doesn't support
> inheritance,then I do understand... otherwise we can improve it. As a CPI
> user I feels this is too complex and very difficult to develop and modify a
> single thing in CPI I have to change so many places.
> Regards
> Lahiru
> --
> System Analyst Programmer
> PTI Lab
> Indiana University

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