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From Lahiru Gunathilake <>
Subject How to add a new Jobsubmission
Date Tue, 05 Aug 2014 04:32:36 GMT
Hi All,

Please bear with me for my less knowledge about thrift, I have following
questions about thrift models  in app-catalog when I tried to add a new
jobSubmission to computeResourceModel.

We have few JobSubmissionProtocols and I wanted to add a new protocol. I am
not sure why we have defined each struct separate, why can't we have
inheritance(my guess is thrift doesn't support).

When I added the new type I realized I have to add a new method in to store that new type. Each Job Submission protocol has to
be saved first and have to implement a new method to add  that. For me this
seems little odd. We have methods
like addSSHJobSubmissionDetails, addLocalSubmissionDetails. This is a very
big change because I have to again add a new method to Airavata thrift
service and add an implementation to AiravataServerHandler. When I look in
to these objects they cannot be re-used among compute resources because
they have very much machine specific details like(ssh port etc), so a
single SSHJobSubmission object shouldn't be shared among different hosts,
in that case why do we have to save them separate and get an ID and set
that ID to computing resource.

And there is another class ComputeResourceImpl and it has the same set of
methods to add each and every object then I have to add another method to
that and invoke that in the Can someone please
tell me why do we have to invoke registry 4 times to save a
computingResource, why can't I just set everything to the computing
Resource and save with a single operation ? What are the reasons we have
operations to save each atomic things in computingResources and give
computingResourceId for each component.

For all these questions, the only answer is that thrift doesn't support
inheritance,then I do understand... otherwise we can improve it. As a CPI
user I feels this is too complex and very difficult to develop and modify a
single thing in CPI I have to change so many places.

System Analyst Programmer
Indiana University

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