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From Lahiru Gunathilake <>
Subject credential store support for public/private key
Date Fri, 04 Jul 2014 14:28:28 GMT
Hi All,

Anyone tested this feature in airavata ? I wrote a test case and its not
working and giving me NPEs, I am just curious whether anyone tested this
code before committing. When I look at the code there is no way this is
working but I just want to make sure I am using right code.

Code like below will not work,



And here is how generateHash function looks like,

private String generateHash(String tokenId, String password) {
// TODO: Hash the password generated and return it
return null;

What I am trying to do is write a test case and try to save a generated key
pair to credential store (hosted one in gw111) and this operation will
return me the public-key, and I will copy that to BRII and then try to get
the token back from the token Id used to store the keypair.

If anyone tested this code please give me some information, if this never
worked I can look in to this in a different way rather assuming this is a
working code.

System Analyst Programmer
Indiana University

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