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From Suresh Marru <>
Subject [TESTING] App Catalog Integration
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2014 14:49:14 GMT
Hi All,

The app catalog is now integrated with airavata. We can say its feature freeze state, but
needs to do lot of testing and fix bugs along the way. Some notes:

* Airavata API exposes most of the essential functions to register applications, host and
deployments. As we go through all test cases, we may need to add the missing ones.

* Gateway ID is needed as the app catalog stores all resource preferences per gateway instead
of at host or application deployment level. GatewayId has to be inferred from security context.
As we work through User Proxy API’s temporarily, its read from
Its currently set to gateway_id=php_reference_gateway

* GFac CPI is modified to take gateway id, so gfac is agnostic to gateways. As long as there
is a way to pass the gateway_id, rest of airavata is largely multi-tenant (need to test and

* To minimize changes across GFac, data from app catalog and experiment request are extracted
and filled back into legacy document schema. As we run through all use cases, we need to add
any missing information with the BetterGfacImpl class.

* The DocumentCreaterNew class is now fully registered data to app catalog (instead of legacy
docs). So all the integration tests can be resurrected.

So can we test, fix, test, fix ….

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