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From Suresh Marru <>
Subject Re: [SciGaP-Dev] CIPRES-Airavata integration proposal]
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2014 01:01:19 GMT
Hi Kenneth,

Airavata uses Maven as the build system. Once you checkout Airavata, you should be able to
build "mvn clean install -DskipTests=true -f airavata-api/airavata-client-sdks/java-client-samples/pom.xml”

If you are building from git master, you may need to build the whole of airavata repo. Alternatively,
users are provided with binaries. And changes to samples with release versions can be build
without having to build the whole repo.

As an example, if you modify samples within
you can just go to airavata/airavata-api/airavata-client-sdks/java-client-samples/src/main/java/org/apache/airavata/client/samples
and build just the changed samples by running mvn clean install -DskipTests=true.

Long story short, release artifacts are published to maven central, so building a module will
pull the artifacts from maven central repo -


On Jul 9, 2014, at 7:38 PM, K Yoshimoto <> wrote:

> Another question:  is there a Makefile for the java examples?
> airavata/airavata-api/airavata-client-sdks/java-client-samples/src/main/java/org/apache/airavata/client/samples
> On Wed, Jul 09, 2014 at 04:32:21PM -0400, Suresh Marru wrote:
>> Hi Kenneth,
>> I changed the script names to patch the API function names. So it is now - registerComputeResource.php
>> I am going to finish up the Wiki articles [1] will describe all the functions you
can do and available samples.
>> Suresh
>> [1] -
>> On Jul 9, 2014, at 4:25 PM, K Yoshimoto <> wrote:
>>> I did a git pull, and add-compute-resource.php does not seem
>>> to be there anymore.  Should it still be available?
>>> On Thu, Jul 03, 2014 at 01:34:18PM -0700, K Yoshimoto wrote:
>>>> Thanks, Marlon and Suresh.  I'll poke through the app catalog api
>>>> and try out the examples in the new README next week.
>>>> Kenneth
>>>> On Thu, Jul 03, 2014 at 04:19:21PM -0400, Marlon Pierce wrote:
>>>>> In short, though, if a script in this directory is not in the
>>>>> README, it is using the App Catalog part of the API.
>>>>> add-compute-resource.php does some of what you are looking for
>>>>> below.  I'll make some quick updates to the readme.
>>>>> Marlon
>>>>> On 7/3/14, 4:06 PM, Suresh Marru wrote:
>>>>>> Hi Kenneth,
>>>>>> I plan to modify the README to describe the use cases including the
one you mention below. Will try to get all that done before Monday.
>>>>>> Suresh
>>>>>> On Jul 3, 2014, at 4:04 PM, Marlon Pierce <>
>>>>>>> Hi Kenneth--
>>>>>>> At the API level, those are part of the Application Catalog.
 At the implementation level, they are done by GFAC plugins (GSI-SSH plugin in this case).
  These are new (not yet in the README), may be missing some examples.
>>>>>>> Marlon
>>>>>>> On 7/3/14, 3:45 PM, K Yoshimoto wrote:
>>>>>>>> Are there methods in the API for creating working dirs on
>>>>>>>> compute resource, staging input data, and running submit
>>>>>>>> scripts?
>>>>>>>> I'm looking at:
>>>>>>>> and browsing through:
>>>>>>>> airavata/airavata-api/airavata-client-sdks/airavata-php-sdk/src/main/resources/lib/Airavata/API/Airavata.php
>>>>>>>> but it looks like the interactions with the compute resource
are deeper
>>>>>>>> down...

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