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From Saminda Wijeratne <>
Subject Re: About Application registering
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2014 16:22:30 GMT
Following description is for the legacy application registration only. Any
relevance of it to the upcoming Application Catalog is coincidental and we
discourage using this as an information source to describe the application
registration process in the new Application Catalog .

We have 3 descriptors. The main descriptor which we expose to the gateway
users/developers is the service descriptor (also sometimes referred to as
the application service descriptor). It is an abstract interface defining
the input/output of an application hiding where it is actually
located/deployed. Thus for each service descriptor we register in Airavata
we have to register a separate deployment details of that application. The
deployment details are 2 folds. Deployment details of the host/machine
(called the host descriptor) and the deployment details of the actual
application in that host (called the application descriptor).

The host descriptor will define how to run jobs in that host and how to
perform data transfers. Since different hosts can have different servers
with some protocol(s) to support such action we define the host by a
HostType that represents the supported protocol. And each of these host
type will have its own set of properties which is useful for accessing that
host through that protocol. The application located in that host will have
an application descriptor (ApplicationDeploymentType) relating to that host
type which would have set of properties that support job submission for
that host.

The getExecutableLocation() represents the path for the
application/executable in the host and that property in the
ApplicationDeploymentType is common to all applications located in any
HostType. The getExecutable() is only defined for
EC2ApplicationDeploymentType. Here I cannot exactly be sure the purpose of
this (perhaps someone else can explain it).

On Fri, Jun 6, 2014 at 9:44 AM, Nipun Udara <> wrote:

> Hi Saminda
> I am refering to legacy application registration and
> Ec2ApplicationDeploymentType Ec2HostType
> Regards
> On Fri, Jun 6, 2014 at 8:31 PM, Saminda Wijeratne <>
> wrote:
>> Hi Nipun,
>> Could you tell me what documents/classes which you are referring to? We
>> have the legacy application registration which uses
>> service/host/application descriptors and a new "Application Catalog" which
>> is still on the design phase.
>> On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 9:38 AM, Nipun Udara <>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi all
>>> I like to know more about
>>>  1 ApplicationDescription
>>>  2 ApplicationDeploymentType and what gives by its getExecutable()
>>> method and           getExecutableLocation() method
>>>  3 HostType
>>> also like to know what happen at application registering with airavata.
>>> i would be grateful if someone can help me to get a idea about these.Thank
>>> you
>>> regards
>>>  Nipun Udara
> --
> Nipun Udara
> *Undergraduate*
> *Department of Computer Science & Engineering*
> *University of Moratuwa*
> *Sri Lanka*

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