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From Eroma Abeysinghe <>
Subject Airavata Admin Module API
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2014 20:43:26 GMT
Hello Devs,


Summarizing the offline discussion had with Saminda on Admin module of
*Open for discussion*
Devs, please add anything i have missed out and we need to decide what we
are going to add into the gateway admin API and provide UIs in PHP
reference gateway in phase I (by the time for XSEDE).

In Airavata there are two Admin levels;
Airavata admin level & Gateway Admin level.

Airavata admin level (user) being the highest level; should be able to
create ;

   1. Gateways in Airavata
   2. Gateway admin users in Airavata

for Airavata admin IMO we don't need to provide any UI but providing an API
would be sufficient.

For Gateway Admin users;

   1. Create & maintain gateway users and user roles (e.g. Airavata admin,
   Gateway admin, standard user, etc...)
   2. Create & manage resources
   3. Create & manage resource level credentials
   4. Create and manage projects
   5. Create and manage applications (app catalog) - Assumption: App
   catalog is managed and records created at gateway admin level.
   6. View all experiments in the gateway and their current statuses. Admin
   user should also be able to terminate/cancel experiments (manage
   experiments) created by other users.
   7. View audit logs and other logs related to experiment executions
   8. Statistical report generations - on experiments, users, projects,
   resources, applications,etc....

Thank You,
Best Regards,

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