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From Nadeem Anjum <>
Subject [GSoC] Clarification about
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2014 12:39:10 GMT

If have registered an application (a genapp module) on my local airavata
server. The experiment completes successfully but an exception is thrown
while retrieving the results.

ERROR org.apache.airavata.gfac.core.provider.GFacProviderException  - Error
in retrieving results
java.lang.Exception: Data for the output parameter 'output1' was not found

The output is created as expected in the scratch working directory, in the
file alignApp2.stdout. I just need to retrieve the output as it is created.

I am not really sure on what parseStdout function in [1]
is attempting to do by Pattern Matching (which is causing this exception as
no match is found).

I will be grateful if someone can clarify this.



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