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From Lahiru Gunathilake <>
Subject Thrift service operation exception handling
Date Sun, 18 May 2014 13:57:11 GMT
Hi all,

When I went through the exception handling in thrift services I see we have
bunch of exception types defined in thrift and non of them are really
thrown in any of the service operations.
    All these exceptions are stored in airavata-api-stubs module and
airavata-api-server is having a dependency to airavata-api-stubs. Having a
dependency to stub from the service is little awkward to me in web services
point but I am not sure about thrift. If this is wrong I think we have to
move this common code to some other place.

Issue comes when I try to implement orchestrator validateExperiment
operation where I have to throw an experiment defined in airavata-api-stubs
and it was little awkward to have a dependency to airavata-api-stubs from
orchestrator-server and orchestrator-client. Same exception has to be
thrown by the airavata-server's launchExperiment method. I think these
exception classes and common code can go to data-models module which is
shared across both the orchestrator and airavata-server thrift services.

Please correct me if I am wrong.


System Analyst Programmer
Indiana University

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