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From Nadeem Anjum <>
Subject [GSoC] Status Update and Queries
Date Wed, 28 May 2014 12:06:59 GMT
Hi Everyone,

I am currently working on integrating GenApp's PHP interface with Airavata

I have explored and played around with GenApp codebase. I have identified
the parts of the code that needs to be executed on Airavata. To start with
integrating the PHP interface of GenApp, I have explored the PHP Client
Samples codebase. I am now figuring out a way to achieve the integration to
execute GenApp on Airavata.

I am trying to run a custom experiment of my choice. I believe this will
involve changing the following parameters in createExperiment.php

/* ComputationalResourceScheduling data for Trestles*/
        $cmRST = new ComputationalResourceScheduling();
        $cmRST->resourceHostId = "";
        $cmRST->ComputationalProjectAccount = "sds128";
        $cmRST->totalCPUCount = 1;
        $cmRST->nodeCount = 1;
        $cmRST->numberOfThreads = 0;
        $cmRST->queueName = "normal";
        $cmRST->wallTimeLimit = 15;
        $cmRST->jobStartTime = 0;
        $cmRST->totalPhysicalMemory = 0;

I am not really sure of the significance of resourceHostId and
ComputationalProjectAccount. Please let me know what these variables are
meant for and how could I run a custom experiment of my choice.


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