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From Raminder Singh <>
Subject Registry Life cycle and Airavata API changes
Date Thu, 15 May 2014 14:13:19 GMT
While discussing Registry Life cycle [1] and the current gateway interaction using PHP sample
gateway, following changes are required in Airavata API functions.

1. Clone experiment method currently takes “existingexperimentID" and "Updated Experiment
object”. Clients need to create new experiment object or get the old object and modify it.
According to the discussion, We should modify the method to take "existing experiment ID"
and "new experiment name". Clone will copy the existing object with provided name and status
of clone experiment will be created. 

2. GetAllExperimements for project and user currently return the complete experiment objects
with all the child details (see experiment struct in experimentModel.thrift). Incase some
of the details in the child object is missing or not filled property, getALL function fail
to serialize the object and client fail to get the list. We are making efforts to fix the
issue but during the discussion idea came to add functions to allow clients to getALLExperimentIDs
and getAllExpementSummary to make the response object lightweight for the clients and to avoid
any complex object problems. Clients can get experiment details using getExperiment method
by passing the experimentid.


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