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From Suresh Marru <>
Subject Airavata Integration Tests
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2014 23:06:05 GMT
Saminda, Raminder,

I think having integration tests per project is a bad idea. What is 10 different projects
use Airavata? From Airavata standpoint it does not do any good if we test the same thing 10
different times. 

I suggest we put some effort in coming up with integration tests which are Airavata specific
and not project oriented. The tests can be inspired by a project specific use case and is
fully acceptable to document how that use case is derived and how the test case is obtained,
but I do not think we want to proliferate project tests into Airavata. 

Concretely speaking here is my suggestion:

Lets write up integration tests and assign them a identifier like IT-ListExperiment (or something
like this) they are Airavata oriented stories inspired by one or more use cases. Lets document
these use cases on the wiki and refer to them from the JIRA’s. When a second use case comes
from a different project, we should first weigh in on if the use case is already covered in
an existing test case, if not, then justify the divergence and create a new integration tests.
In the current way, test case stories for AIRAVATA-1098 and AIRAVATA-1108 will be testing
the same aspects in two different test cases. 

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