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From Viknes Balasubramanee <>
Subject RE: GSoC 2013 to GSoC 2014
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2014 00:32:30 GMT
Hi Suresh,

I think it would be nice to add the below features to the Admin Dashboard. I
don't think they are enough to qualify for a new GSOC project but they
should serve as a good start.

1. Categorize experiments by "Run by User". Currently when an admin user
gets a list of experiments, the "run by user" column always has the value as
"admin" because the API populates it with the value of the user calling the
method. This need to be changed to display the actual user who ran the
experiment irrespective of who invokes the API method.

2. Have a Historical/Statistical data with charts/graphs about experiments,
machine it ran on, its status, reason for failure and so on so that an admin
can have an idea of the current state of the system, monitor overall
behavior of experiments on a machine and identify and avoid any potential
problems in the future.

I welcome everyone to come up with more suggestions to add to the Admin
Dashboard. My goal is to make this an indispensable tool which can be used
to monitor and control the entire system when we deploy Airavata on to a
large scale platform like SciGAP for instance.


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From: Suresh Marru [] 
Sent: Sunday, March 02, 2014 8:00 AM
To: Airavata Dev; Airavata Dev
Cc: Subho Banerjee; Shameera Rathnayaka; Vijayendra Grampurohit; Sanchit
Aggarwal; Danushka Menikkumbura;; Subho Banerjee; Shameera
Rathnayaka; Vijayendra Grampurohit; Sanchit Aggarwal; Danushka Menikkumbura;
Subject: GSoC 2013 to GSoC 2014

Hi All,

Last year GSoC projects made good individual contributions producing
components but we fell short of integrating them. Part of the challenge was
lack of native JS support in Airavata API. Now that Airavata API has also
evolved significantly, can we revisit these projects.

Can each of you please refresh your memories and documentation and summarize
what needs to be done and how much you are realistically planning to
continue to contribute and which will be a good new GSoC 2014 project based
on the theme you guys have worked on.

Since Shameera volunteered to explore the JS support in Airavata API (either
using the native thrift version or a additional JS-API layer) lets assume
this and discuss further. GSOC 2014 deadlines are round the corner, so
please speed up this discussion. 


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