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From Marlon Pierce <>
Subject Re: [GSoC 2014] Integration of GenApp with Apache Airavata
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2014 19:24:05 GMT
Thanks for your interest, Nadeem.  Some comments:

* You should clarify in the beginning the advantages for both projects.
Airavata would get a tool for quickly generating user interfaces in
multiple languages. Benefits to GenApp are ability to run long running,
non-interactive jobs on XSEDE and similar resources and the ability to
compose and execute workflows using Airavata's workflow engine.  Correct
and expand my previous statements for your proposal. Section 1.3 says
"what" but not "why".

* Section 1.2: The component list you have here is old and incomplete,
so please update.  We have put a lot of work into the Thrift-based
version of the API, which is the preferred way to build Airavata
clients. This supersedes the registry API client you have listed in this

* Section 1.3: XBaya is currently not working with the Thrift APIs and
will need a lot of updating. This would be an entire GSOC by itself.  If
workflow composition of GenApp modules is a critical deliverable, it may
be better to have a new "XBaya-lite" composition tool (based on Airavata
API) for composing workflows in GenApp than to use XBaya.  See also
comment below.

* Section 2.2: Airavata's workflow interpreter is also not exposed in
the current API.  I think this would be the better way to handle GenApp
workflows instead of XBaya, and there may be some work to complete and
fully test the workflow parts of the API.  Also, if you were to make an
XBaya-lite, this would need to be done first.

* Section 2.3: What is the current GenApp messaging system and its
requirements?  Note also the Airavata messaging system is old and is on
our long-term to-do list to replace it.  For this GSOC, we would need to
define an implementation-independent Component Programming Interface
(which we are doing with other components) and also decide best how this
should be exposed through the API to GenApp.  This would shield GenApp
from any changes.


On 3/20/14 8:15 AM, Nadeem Anjum wrote:
> Hi All,
> Here is my proposal for GSoC 2014:
> Integration of GenApp with Apache Airavata:
> Please provide your feedback and suggestions.
> Thanks,
> Nadeem.

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