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From "Miller, Mark" <>
Subject RE: Draft program for February hackathon
Date Sat, 01 Feb 2014 16:46:29 GMT
In looking at the agenda, and the proposed travel time, I have the following questions:

1. What is the timeline for getting the prerequisites done; since if they aren't done, we
could be hamstrung in accomplishing the goals of the meeting.
(be sure the meeting has the potential for impact)

2. To me items 1 and 2 seem ideally suited to a pre-develop-athon video-cons; it would allow
us to assimilate this information on a slower time scale, and still be fresh to attack session
3 and 4 first thing. Items 3 and 4 seem to be particularly appropriate for a joint face to
face meeting.
(take care of as much business ahead of time as possible, so we can focus the fresh horses
on tasks that only be done in this mode)



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From: Marlon Pierce [] 
Sent: Friday, January 31, 2014 6:06 AM
Subject: Draft program for February hackathon

Hi all--

Here is a draft agenda for a group hackathon:

We have no problem sending an IU contingent to SDSC, and Gary can travel as well.  2 days
during the last week in February work for many of us.

I want to use everyone's time efficiently.  Hackathons need to be just that--hacking, looking
at code, getting things to work, etc--so this is what we have in mind.


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