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From Sachith Withana <>
Subject Re: Orchestrator Overview Meeting Summary
Date Fri, 17 Jan 2014 14:49:50 GMT
Hi Amila,

The use of the word "cloning" is misleading.

Saminda suggested that, we would need to run the application in a different
host ( based on the users intuition of the host availability/ efficiency)
keeping all the other variables constant( inputs changes are also allowed).
As an example: if a job keeps failing on one host, the user should be
allowed to submit the job to another host.

We should come up with a different name for the scenario..

On Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 11:36 PM, Amila Jayasekara

> On Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 10:58 AM, Sachith Withana <>wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> This is the summary of the meeting we had Wednesday( 01/16/14) on the
>> Orchestrator.
>> Orchestrator Overview
>> I Introduced the Orchestrator and I have attached the presentation
>> herewith.
>> Adding Job Cloning capability to the Orchestrator API
>> Saminda suggested that we should have a way to clone an existing job and
>> run it with different inputs or on a different host or both. Here's the
>> Jira for that.[1]
> I didnt quite understand what cloning does. Once descriptors are setup we
> can run experiment with different inputs, many times we want. So what is
> the actual need to have cloning ?
> Thanks
> Thejaka Amila
>> Gfac embedded vs Gfac as a service
>> We have implemented the embedded Gfac and decided to use it for now.
>> Gfac as a service is a long term goal to have. Until we get the
>> Orchestrator complete we will use the embedded Gfac.
>> Job statuses for the Orchestrator and the Gfac
>> We need to come up with multi-level job statuses. User-level,
>> Orchestartor-level and the Gfac-level statuses. Also the mapping between
>> them is open for discussion. We didn't come to a conclusion on the matter.
>> We will discuss this topic in an upcoming meeting.
>> [1]
>> --
>> Thanks,
>>  Sachith Withana

Sachith Withana

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