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From Amila Jayasekara <>
Subject Re: Synchronous vs Async submissions in GFAC provider
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2013 17:53:43 GMT
+1 Raman.
Is this going to be in 0.9 ? If so can you please update feature list for
0.9 also ?

On Tue, Jul 16, 2013 at 11:58 AM, Raminder Singh

> I am working on a use case where these is an asynchronous job submission
> script for pegasus[1] (Condor Dagman [2]). Submission scripts returns a
> JOBID to monitor the status.

Does pegasus generate above job id ?

> Monitor script returns the job status using the JOBID provided by
> submission script. Another script is available to cancel the job.
> I plan to use SSHProvider to call these scripts. Currently provider only
> support syncronous submission and does not allow to add a wait thread using
> another script. According to me, this can be common pattern among other
> gateway use cases.  This case is true for LocalProvider also.  I can add
> another provider for my specific case but i think this is a generic case of
> airavata and need discussion.

Are these scripts specific to pegasus ? If scripts are generic and can
provide information about running jobs its good to change existing
providers rather than introducing new one.

> If we want to add asyncronous submission and monitoring to current Local
> and SSH providers following changes are needed
> 1. Add flag to descriptor to identify execution pattern.
> 2. Change descriptor to allow users to add monitoring script path.
> 3. Incase we want to support job cancel, cancel script path also need to
> be added to descriptors also.
> 4. Monitoring pattern and status (to make decision) need to be configured
> using some interface.

In addition to specifying specific script paths can we generate some
generic scripts to do job monitoring and job cancellation. For example for
monitoring we can check the process id status. For cancellation we can
execute a command like "kill -TERM <jobid>".

Further can we make async and sync as an option in the same provider.
Rather than have a separate provider for Async operations.


> Adding Async Local and SSH provider for this case is another option and
> new descriptors can be added.
> Thoughts?
> Thanks
> Raminder

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