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From Pedro da Silveira <>
Subject Re: API Client questions
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2013 21:46:08 GMT

On Tue, Feb 5, 2013 at 2:18 PM, Saminda Wijeratne <>wrote:

> Hi Pedro,
> see my comments in-line,
> On Tue, Feb 5, 2013 at 1:42 PM, Pedro da Silveira <
> >wrote:
> > Hi Dev,
>> >
>> > I have a few question regarding to Airavata API Client.
>> > I tested both 2 samples from the directory
>> > "apache-airavata-client-0.7-SNAPSHOT/samples". They all ran the echo
>> > example successfully.
>> > I modified the sample "workflow-run" to submit my pre-defined workflow,
>> > which has 4 inputs file "URI", 2 Application Services and total wall
>> time
>> > 20 minutes. My workflow ran successfully using API Client as it did on
>> > Xbaya.
>> >
>> > 1 - One part of the code that got my attention was a call to the method
>> > "getWorkflowComposeContent()", which reads my workflow saved file with
>> > extension ".xwf". I didn't understand the call for this method. Can
>> someone
>> > help me?
>> >
>> >
>> airavataAPI.getWorkflowManager().saveWorkflow(getWorkflowComposeContent());
>> >
>>  There are two ways to specify what the workflow that needs to be
>> executed.
>>    1. Pass the name of the workflow - then the workflow should already be
>>    saved in the registry
>>    2. Pass the workflow xml as a string
>> The above command tries to save the workflow to the registry. API user has
>> to pass the workflow xml as a string to the "saveWorkflow" function. The
>> API will extract the name of the workflow from the xml string & save the
>> workflow to the registry under that name. This should be a one time thing.
>> That's all it does and has nothing to do with running the workflow at this
>> point.
>> Then the users can use the 1st way mentioned above to run the workflow
>> many
>> times as he/she wants by just passing only the name of the workflow to the
>> runExperiment(...) method.
> If I understood it correctly, If my workflow is already saved in my
> register I don't need to run this command again, right?

> >
>> > 2 - The API client transfered my input correctly from my desktop to
>> > Lonestar, How can I get one output file back from Lonestar to my desktop
>> > using the API? In general, my outputs are just text file and less than
>> > 500MB.
>> >
>> The API client could not have transfered any file from your desktop. I
>> assume that the Airavata server is running in your machine & the input
>> paths you may have passed to the experiment are local. The workflow
>> execution may have taken care of transfering the file in your desktop to
>> Lonestar. If you require files downloaded back to your desktop then you
>> need to update your workflow in order to do that.
Based on your answer "If you require files downloaded back to your desktop
then you need to update your workflow in order to do that."

What kind of update do I need to do on my workflow?  Do I have to add
anything in my script that runs on Lonestar?
My basic understating is that I can setup in my Application Service add
another Application parameter Output and then provide the type "URI".  What
is next? Where is the location my output will be saved on my desktop?

> >
>> > 3 - I noticed in the monitoring part of the code that a Java Thread is
>> > created and keep the application hanging until the end of the monitoring
>> > execution. Is that possible to create the thread, check the monitor
>> status
>> > and kill thread to check the status later in about N minutes? Or Do I
>> have
>> > to keep the thread alive during the job execution?
>> >
>> Monitoring is used to track the progress of the workflow experiment in
>> real
>> time... you can always *not monitor* and check the status at your leisure.
>> Thus the lines,
>> MonitorWorkflow.monitor(result);
>> airavataAPI.getExecutionManager().waitForExperimentTermination(result);
>> are not needed. Important thing to note here is that the command,
>> airavataAPI.getExecutionManager().runExperiment(workflowName,
>> workflowInputs)
>> launches the experiment and returns without waiting for the experiment to
>> finish. Thus the API users should not expect the results to be available
>> when it tries to read provenance data. Infact it'll take little bit of
>> time
>> for the experiment to be registered to the system & initial status of the
>> workflow executions be updated correctly. API users should anticipate such
>> scenarios if they are planning not to use default monitoring or
>> "waitForExperimentTermination(...)" functionalities.
My plan is to connect to Airavata-Server to check the status of the job
every 5 minutes and not keep the socket connection alive until the job
finishes. Is there any problem doing that?
I want to submit more tasks to Lonestar, but now using my Xsede account,
instead of "ogce".

Thank you for your help Saminda.

Please feel free to further ask questions if anything is unclear or if you
> have any other issues.
> Regards,
> Saminda
> > Thank you,
> >
> > Pedro da Silveira
> >

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