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From Suresh Marru <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Apache Airavata 0.6 RC4
Date Sun, 27 Jan 2013 01:06:37 GMT
Over all a much stabler release pack, a good indication we are marching towards a 1.0. Here
are some tests I did:

* svn export
* verified all signatures: for file in `find . -type f -iname '*.asc'`; do gpg --verify ${file};
Got the success message:
gpg: Signature made Fri Jan 25 22:04:52 2013 EST using DSA key ID C659C4E7
gpg: Good signature from "Saminda Wijeratne (CODE SIGNING KEY) <>"
Note: I previously had Saminda's keys in my keyring. If not you will need to first download

* Followed the two quick start tutorials -

* Successfully ran the simple math, complex math workflows. 

* The levenshtein distance sample workflow fails, I creates a issue (AIRAVATA-745), but we
can probably ignore this as lot of other tutorial examples work. The idea with these tutorials
is anyway to convey the concept. 

* Configured grid credentials and ran a workflow on Trestles Cluster.

One issue I have seen is the Application Services do not get refreshed after we register a
application. This is an inconvenience but does not warrant a resin. I updated the tutorial
instructions to do the manual refresh.

I will vote my + 1. 


On Jan 25, 2013, at 11:54 PM, Saminda Wijeratne <> wrote:

> Discussion thread for vote on Apache Airavata 0.6 release candidate.
> If you have any questions or feedback or to post results of validating the
> release, please reply to this thread. Once you verify the release, please
> post your vote to the VOTE thread.
> For reference, the Apache release guide  -
> Some tips to validate the release before you vote:
> * Download the binary versions and
>    - run the 5 minute or 10 minute tutorial as described in README and
> website.
>    - run use-cases for Airavata API
>    - deploy & run Airavata Server web applications in tomcat
>    - deploy & run XBaya JNLP distribution in a web server
> * Download the source files from compressed files and release tag and build
> (which includes tests).
> * Verify the distribution for the required LICENSE and NOTICE files
> * Verify if all the staged files are signed and the signature is
> verifiable.
> * Verify if the signing key in the project's KEYS file is hosted on a
> public server
> Thanks for your time in validating the release and voting,
> Saminda
> (On Behalf of Airavata PMC)

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