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Subject airavata-docs git commit: Divided FAQs in to three sections and adding FAQs from users.
Date Mon, 13 Feb 2017 21:28:51 GMT
Repository: airavata-docs
Updated Branches:
  refs/heads/master 8d29a61f9 -> 30b157c16

Divided FAQs in to three sections and adding FAQs from users.


Branch: refs/heads/master
Commit: 30b157c1620c5fe513704dfa3612af3fc790e14b
Parents: 8d29a61
Author: Eroma Abeysinghe <>
Authored: Mon Feb 13 16:28:46 2017 -0500
Committer: Eroma Abeysinghe <>
Committed: Mon Feb 13 16:28:46 2017 -0500

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-## Configuration FAQs
+## <h2 id="AiravataCent"> FAQs</h2>
-## Installation FAQs
-<br><b class="blue"> Q1.</b> I have setup my own gateway and Airavata.
When I log into the gateway I cannot create Compute resources. What should I do?</br>
+<a href="#InstallFAQ">Installation FAQs</a></br>
+<a href="#ConfigFGAQ">Configuration FAQs</a></br>
+<a href="#userFAQ">User FAQs</a>
+### <h3 id="InstallFAQ">Installation FAQs </h3>
+<b class="blue"> Q1.</b> I have setup my own gateway and Airavata. When I log
into the gateway I cannot create Compute resources. What should I do?</br>
 <b class="blue">Answer: </b> In your pga_config.php (in folder .../testdrive/app/config)
under heading 'Portal Related Configurations' set 'super-admin-portal' => false, to true.</br>
 <br><b class="blue">Q2.</b> I don't get notifications when users create
new accounts in my gateway. Why?</br>
 <b class="blue">Answer: </b> That's because you have not defined an email address
in <br>'admin-emails' => ['','']. Here you can add one or many.</br>
@@ -95,5 +100,59 @@ java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to create database connection pool.
 What should i do?
 <br><b class="blue">Answer: </b> Airavata cannot create database connection
ebcause the mysql jar is not eixsting. Please follow step 8 of documentation in Installation
--> Airavata --> Airavata Installation
+### <h3 id="ConfigFGAQ">Configuration FAQs</h3>
+Coming Soon
+### <h3 id="userFAQ"> User FAQs </h3>
+<b class="blue"> Q1 </b> What is the Project? </br>
+<b class="blue">Answer: </b> Project is simply a collection of experiments. When
creating an experiment it will be under the project you select.<br/> Projects can be
shared with fellow gateway users. WHen the project is shared all experiments in the project
will be shared.
+<br><b class="blue"> Q2 </b> Where can I get test inputs? <br/>
+<b class="blue">Answer: </b> If you need test inputs try downloading from <a
href="" target="_blank">Test Input
Files</a> <br/>
+<br><b class="blue"> Q3 </b> Do I need to provide values for wall-time,
node count and CPU count? OR can I go ahead with the given default values? <br/>
+<b class="blue">Answer: </b> Default values are given to make life little easy
for users. But depending on the job you should change the values. E.g.:If you need only two
or less cores than 16 better to change. If you need more wall-time change it, etc....<br/>
+<br><b class="blue"> Q4 </b> What can I do with Notifications? <br/>
+<b class="blue">Answer: </b> Submitting a job from PGA does not guarantee job
getting executed in the remote resource right away. If you add your email address, when the
job starts an email will be sent to you from the remote resource.<br/>
+<br><b class="blue"> Q5 </b> Why 'Save' and 'Save and Launch'? <br>
+<b class="blue">Answer: </b> User has the option of either create and 'Save'
the experiment for later launch at remote resource <br/>Or <br/>
+		can directly 'Save and Launch' at once.<br/>
+<br><b class="blue"> Q6 </b> How do I monitor progress?<br/>
+<b class="blue">Answer: </b> When the experiment is launched navigate to Experiment
Summary Page.
+		There the experiment and job status will be present.
+		You can monitor the experiment and job status changes.<br/>
+<br><b class="blue"> Q7 </b> How do I view/download my outputs? <br/>
+<b class="blue">Answer: </b> Same way you monitor the experiment progress! 
+		<br/>For each experiment inputs can be downloaded from<br/>
+		- Experiment Summary page<br/>
+		- From 'Storage' at the top menu. Here you need to know the Project the experiment belongs
+		<br/> Once you locate the project you can browse for your experiment. <br/>
+<br><b class="blue"> Q8 </b> I want to bring back all the outputs generated
by my job. How?
+<b class="blue">Answer: </b> Simply set Archive to 'true' in respective application
interface in Admin Dashboard. Then all the files in the working directory will be brought
back to PGA.
+<br><b class="blue"> Q9 </b> I want to cancel my experiment. How?
+<b class="blue">Answer: </b> Navigate to experiment Summary and click 'Cancel'
+	Experiments only in operation (LAUNCHED, EXECUTING experiment statuses) can be cancelled.
+<br><b class="blue"> Q10 </b> 2. When I cancel do I still receive any outputs
+<b class="blue">Answer: </b> When the user requested the cancel files will be
not transferred from the remote resource. But however by the time 'Cancel' was triggered if
the output files were transferred to PGA data directories they will be displayed.
+<br><b class="blue"> Q11 </b> How can I run same application with different
different inputs?
+<b class="blue">Answer: </b> Simply clone an existing experiment and change the
input files and launch.
+<br><b class="blue"> Q12 </b> I want to change the wall-time of my experiment
before launch. How can I do?
+	- Experiments in CREATED state can be modified through Experiment Summary page. Click 'Edit'
change values and Save or Save and Launch.
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