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Subject airavata-docs git commit: New User guide page with commonly asked questions
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2016 20:34:56 GMT
Repository: airavata-docs
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New User guide page with commonly asked questions


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Author: Eroma Abeysinghe <>
Authored: Tue Oct 4 16:34:52 2016 -0400
Committer: Eroma Abeysinghe <>
Committed: Tue Oct 4 16:34:52 2016 -0400

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+## Common User Guide Points for PGA
+<b>Who are you?</b><br/>
+[<button type="button" style="color:#E5E7E9;text-align:center;font-weight:lighter;background-color:#808B96;width:140px;height:42px;border-radius:8px">Gateway
User</button>](#GatewayUser) &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;
+[<button type="button" style="color:#E5E7E9;text-align:center;font-weight:lighter;background-color:#808B96;width:140px;height:42px;border-radius:8px">Gateway
Admin/PI</button>](#GatewayAdmin) <br></br>
+<b>Do you want to? </b><br/>
+[<button type="button" style="color:#E5E7E9;text-align:center;font-weight:lighter;background-color:#808B96;width:140px;height:42px;border-radius:8px">Create
& Monitor Experiments</button>](#create) &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 
+[<button type="button" style="color:#E5E7E9;text-align:center;font-weight:lighter;background-color:#808B96;width:140px;height:42px;border-radius:8px">Manage
my Experiments</button>](#manage) &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;
+[<button type="button" style="color:#E5E7E9;text-align:center;font-weight:lighter;background-color:#808B96;width:140px;height:42px;border-radius:8px">Configure
Applications</button>](#application) &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;
+[<button type="button" style="color:#E5E7E9;text-align:center;font-weight:lighter;background-color:#808B96;width:140px;height:42px;border-radius:8px">Configure
+### <h3 id="GatewayUser">User Guide for Gateway User</h3>
+For step by step user guide refer <a href=""
target="_blank">Gateway End User Guide</a> Given steps are common for Airavata PGA.
+<h5 id="create">Create and Monitor Experiment </h5><br>
+In order to launch a job in one of the existing remote resource in the gateway user need
to create an experiment and launch it.
+1. What is the Project? <br/>
+Project is simply a collection of experiments. When creating an experiment it will be under
the project you select.<br/>
+	- Where can I get test inputs? <br/>
+		If you need test inputs try downloading from <a href=""
target="_blank">Test Input Files</a> <br/>
+	- Do I need to provide values for wall-time, node count and CPU count? OR can I go ahead
with the given default values? <br/>
+		Default values are given to make life little easy for users. But depending on the job you
should change the values. E.g.:If you need only two or less cores than 16 better to change.
If you need more wall-time change it, etc....<br/>
+	- What can I do with Notifications? <br/>
+		Submitting a job from PGA does not guarantee job getting executed in the remote resource
right away. If you add your email address, when the job starts an email will be sent to you
from the remote resource.<br/>
+	- Why 'Save' and 'Save and Launch'? <br>
+		User has the option of either create and 'Save' the experiment for later launch at remote
resource <br/>Or <br/>
+		can directly 'Save and Launch' at once.<br/>
+	- How do I monitor progress?<br/>
+		When the experiment is launched navigate to Experiment Summary Page.
+		There the experiment and job status will be present.
+		You can monitor the experiment and job status changes.<br/>
+		<br/>
+2. Download Outputs<br/>
+	- How do I view/download my outputs? <br/>
+		Same way you monitor the experiment progress! 
+		<br/>For each experiment inputs can be downloaded from<br/>
+		- Experiment Summary page<br/>
+		- From 'Storage' at the top menu. Here you need to know the Project the experiment belongs
+		<br/> Once you locate the project you can browse for your experiment. <br/>
+	- I want to bring back all the outputs generated by my job. How?
+		Simply set Archive to 'true' in respective application interface in Admin Dashboard. Then
all the files in the working directory will be brought back to PGA.
+<h5 id="manage">Manage my Experiments</h5>
+1. I want to cancel my experiment. How?
+	- Navigate to experiment Summary and click 'Cancel' button.
+	- Experiments only in operation (LAUNCHED, EXECUTING experiment statuses) can be cancelled.
+2. When I cancel do I still receive any outputs generated?
+	- When the user requested the cancel files will be not transferred from the remote resource.
But however by the time 'Cancel' was triggered if the output files were transferred to PGA
data directories they will be displayed.
+3. How can I run same application with different different inputs?
+	- Simply clone an existing experiment and change the input files and launch.
+4. I want to change the wall-time of my experiment before launch. How can I do?
+	- Experiments in CREATED state and not launched yet can be modified through Experiment Summary
page. Click 'Edit' change values and Save.
+### <h3 id="GatewayAdmin">User Guide for Gateway Admin/PI</h3>
+For step by step user guide refer <a href=""target="_blank">Gateway
Admin User Guide</a>
+<h5 id="application">Configure Applications</h5>
+1. How to make input file available as an executable?
+	- Input files defined are copied to the experiment working directory.
+	- To make available at commandline set 'Required on Commandline' = true
+	- To add a commandline argument for a given file add 'Application Argument' for each input
+2. In Application Interface what is the use of 'Enable Optional File Inputs'	
+	- By setting 'Enable Optional File Inputs' = true user can add none or many input files
at experiment creation.
+	- In Airavata any input file required for the application to execute need to be defined
as a separate input.
+    - When inputs are defined they are treated as 'Mandatory' inputs.
+3. To bring all the files in the working directory set 'Enable Archiving Working Directory'
= true
+4. Where do I add remote resource execution commands?
+	- In Admin Dashboard --> Application Deployment

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