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Subject svn commit: r1682441 - /airavata/site/trunk/content/documentation/quickstart-tutorials.mdtext
Date Fri, 29 May 2015 12:27:29 GMT
Author: smarru
Date: Fri May 29 12:27:29 2015
New Revision: 1682441

updating quick start tutorials


Modified: airavata/site/trunk/content/documentation/quickstart-tutorials.mdtext
--- airavata/site/trunk/content/documentation/quickstart-tutorials.mdtext (original)
+++ airavata/site/trunk/content/documentation/quickstart-tutorials.mdtext Fri May 29 12:27:29
@@ -22,87 +22,23 @@ The purpose of these quick start tutoria
 Airavata has comprehensive capabilities to build science gateways to interface with computational
grids and clouds. Please see the Airavata Wiki for these advanced tutorials and if you are
interested do not hesitate to post a question to the mailing list.
-###Deployment Scenarios
+ Airavata has three major components:
-![Airavata Deployments](/documentation/airavata-deployments.png "Airavata Deployments Overview")
+* Airavata Server. The server bundles API, Orchestrator and Application Factory which can
be deployed as one server or can be telescoped into multiple services. The services will require
third party dependencies (mysql database - by default embedded derby is used), RabbitMQ and
Apache Zookeper (by default ZK is used is embedded mode).
+* Airavata PHP Gateway (PGA). PGA uses WSO2 Identity Server as a user store and tentant management
and is the default authentication and authorization service.
+* XBaya. XBaya is current used only to construct workflows from previously registered applications.

+###Deployment Scenarios
-###Setting Up Environment
+As illustrated in the figure below, PGA is deployed on a web server and Airavata Services
as Java Services. XBaya is a standalone download and connections to the Airavata Server.
-  1. Please set JAVA_HOME if it is not already set.
-    - Examples:
-        - export JAVA_HOME=/home/user/installations/jdk1.6.0_27
-        - export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin/
+![Airavata Deployments](/documentation/airavata-deployments.png "Airavata Deployments Overview")
-###Download binaries or build from source 
-   1. You can download the binaries from [Downloads Page][download]/Release Vote threads,
or [build airavata from source][build].
-      * If you have built from source then the binaries will be in modules/distribution directory.
Please look into appropriate target directory of airavata-client, airavata-server or xbaya-gui
-      * If you are using Windows + Cygwin you need to set permissions on some files 
-  2. Extract the Airavata Server binary distribution (refering in following instructions
as  `AIRAVATA_SERVER_HOME`). The directory name is typically apache-airavata-server-$version.
-  3. Extract the Airavata XBaya GUI binary distribution (refering in following instructions
as  `AIRAVATA_XBAYA_HOME`). The directory name is typically apache-airavata-xbaya-gui-$version.
-  3. Change persmisisons of shell scripts on both server and xbaya-gui bin directories.
- 	* `chmod 755 bin/*.sh`
-    * For windows, there are bat scripts are provided.
-### Start Airavata Server and Luanch GUI 
-  1. For quick start purposes, Airavata server is distributed as a standalone server. The
server starts up by defualt on port 8080. 
-    * `$AIRAVATA_SERVER_HOME/bin/` 
-  2. Launch Airavata XBaya GUI 
-With Airavata Server and GUI running, you can follow through the basic tutorials.
-### Configure Airavata Registry
-Configure XBaya GUI to use the Airavata Registry.
-* From the main menu select: `Registry` -> `Setup Airavata Registry`
-* You can leave all the values to be defualt. For reference here is what you should be seeing:
-  	<table border="1">
-  		<tr>
-  			<td><b>URL</b></td>
-  			<td>http://localhost:8080/airavata-registry/api</td>
-  		</tr>
-  		 <tr>
-  			<td><b>Gateway</b></td>
-  			<td>defualt</td>
-  		</tr>
-  		 <tr>
-  			<td><b>Gateway</b></td>
-  			<td>defualt</td>
-  		</tr>
-  		<tr>
-  			<td><b>Username</b></td>
-  			<td>admin</td>
-  		</tr>
-  		<tr>
-  			<td><b>Password</b></td>
-  			<td>admin</td>
-  		</tr>
-  	</table>
-    - Note: This step will only succeed if you have previously started the Airavata Server.
If it fails, please verify the server is up and running on port 8080.
-### Simple tutorial to construct and execute a workflow
-The goal of this tutorial is to give a feel for Airavata by creating and executing a simple
workflow. Follow the tutorial [Airavata in Five Minutes][5minute].
-### Register a new application
-The goal of this tutorial is to walk through the process of registering an application, create
a workflow and execite and monitor progress. Follow the tutorial [Airavata in Ten Minutes][10minute].
-### Workflow samples 
-To provide an undertanding of some simple control structure constructures like for-each and
executing workflows in parallel, s set of samples workflows are bundled with the airavata
server binary package.They can be found in `$AIRAVATA_SERVER_HOME/samples/workflows`. The
[Workflow Samples][workflow-samples] describes these workflows.
-[download]: /about/downloads.html
-[build]: /development/build.html
-[5minute]: /documentation/tutorials/airavata-in-5-minutes.html
-[10minute]: /documentation/tutorials/airavata-in-10-minutes.html
-[workflow-samples]: /documentation/tutorials/advanced-workflow-samples.html
\ No newline at end of file
+   1. PGA interacts with Airavata over the Thrift API. When in question, please refer to
[API Docs][api-docs].
+   2. Quick Start Tutorials provide detailed walk through of various scenarious to get failer
with PGA and Airavata - [](

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