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Subject svn commit: r1197307 - /incubator/airavata/site/trunk/content/airavata/documentation/howto/howto.mdtext
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2011 21:00:49 GMT
Author: lahiru
Date: Thu Nov  3 21:00:49 2011
New Revision: 1197307

adding more docs.


Modified: incubator/airavata/site/trunk/content/airavata/documentation/howto/howto.mdtext
--- incubator/airavata/site/trunk/content/airavata/documentation/howto/howto.mdtext (original)
+++ incubator/airavata/site/trunk/content/airavata/documentation/howto/howto.mdtext Thu Nov
 3 21:00:49 2011
@@ -34,8 +34,40 @@ Notice:    Licensed to the Apache Softwa
 ### How to Deploy Airavata on Tomcat
+### How do I use only WS-Messenger component
+	Currently first release of Airavata doesn't have a separate pack for WS-Messenger. But users
can check out the source of Airavata and build only WS-Messenger and build wil
+	l create a pack which contains only WS-Messenger components and it can be used as the WS-Messenger
binary distribution.
+	In Airavata code go to AIRAVATA_CODE/modules/ws-messenger directory and run mvn clean install,
after successful build you will find the pack(Zip file) at
+	AIRAVATA_CODE/moduels/ws-messenger/distribution/target/.
 ### How to Deploy WS-Messenger with Mysql 
+	Currently WS-Messenger supports Derby and Mysql databases. Users have to change AIRAVATA_HOME/standalone-server/conf/
to change the message Box
+	database and AIRAVATA_HOME/standalone-server/conf/ to change the message
Broker database. 
+	1. First create a mysql database in your server with required name (Assume name is:wsmg
and username/password is : airavata/airavata).
+	2. Create a tables in the above database using the following scripts.
+	   AIRAVATA_HOME/standalone-server/bin/database_scripts/mgsBox-mysql.sql and
+	   AIRAVATA_HOME/standalone-server/bin/database_scripts/msgBroker-mysql.sql
+	3. Change and files with database driver name and
database urls as below.
+		msgBox.jdbc.driver=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
+		msgBox.jdbc.url=jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/wsmg?user=airavata&password=airavata
+		broker.jdbc.driver=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
+		broker.jdbc.url=jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/wsmg?user=airavata&password=airavata
+	4. Change the driver class name based on your driver and copy your driver to AIRAVATA_HOME/standalon-server/lib
directory and start the server.. You are ready to go with 
+	   Mysql database.
+### How can I run WS-Messenger without using any database.
+	Yes, WS-Messenger supports in-memory messaging. If you want to change message broker or
message box to be in memory you simply have to change the appropriate property in
+ and as below.
+	For Message Box - AIRAVATA_HOME/standalone-server/conf/ - msgBox.usedatabase=true
+	For Message Broker - AIRAVATA_HOME/standalone-server/conf/ -
 ### How to use XBaya Arguments
@@ -58,11 +90,19 @@ Notice:    Licensed to the Apache Softwa
 ### How XBaya is going to pick Available GFac URLs
+	When you start the Registry at very first and then GFac service, GFac service is registering
its URL with Registry, GFac does that frequently, so if you 
+	have n number of GFac nodes running everyone is registering its URL. Since Every GFac node
is registering in a given time interval, if one node goes down
+	that URL in Registry become invalid.. When XBaya runs, it picks the set of URLs which are
valid in that point.. and show them in the GFac URL list in XBaya Menu.
 ### How to enable Workflow data provenance.
+	When XBaya Starts users can give few startup arguments, if you provide "-enableProvenance
true" then XBaya will record all the input/output values in to Registry.
+	And users can view the input/output data from JCR Registry Browser.
 ### How to view my data like workflows, and documents like, Host Description,Service Description
and Deployment Descrition.
+	XBaya has a feature of showing your content in your Registry. It will show your available,
Host Descriptions, Service Descriptions, Deployment Descriptions, saved
+	workflows etc. So you have a better understanding on what you have in your Repository.
-### What is the order of starting the Airavata system.

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