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Subject svn commit: r793121 - /websites/staging/airavata/trunk/content/airavata/build.html
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2011 00:53:13 GMT
Author: buildbot
Date: Thu Jul 21 00:53:13 2011
New Revision: 793121

Staging update by buildbot


Modified: websites/staging/airavata/trunk/content/airavata/build.html
--- websites/staging/airavata/trunk/content/airavata/build.html (original)
+++ websites/staging/airavata/trunk/content/airavata/build.html Thu Jul 21 00:53:13 2011
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
     limitations under the License.
   <link href="/airavata/css/airavata.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
-  <title>Airavata Source Code &amp; Developers Guide</title>
+  <title>Airavata Build Instructions</title>
   <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
@@ -71,40 +71,23 @@
   <div id="content">
-    <h1 class="title">Airavata Source Code &amp; Developers Guide</h1>
-    <p>Airavata source code is maintained using <a href="">Apache
Subversion</a> version control.</p>
-<h2 id="browse_the_source_code">Browse the source code</h2>
-<p><a href="">Browse Airavata
-<h2 id="source_code">Source Code</h2>
-<p>To check out the source code: svn co</p>
-<li>The source code is organized into modules into major components. </li>
-<li>The GFac-Core is the POJO style implementation of the Airavata Application Wrapper
and Job management tool.</li>
-<li>XBaya-GUI is the desktop and JNLP webstartable interface to construct, execute
and monitor workflows. XBaya provides a graphical programming abstraction over worklfow languages
like BPEL.</li>
-<li>GFac-Axis2 and Workflow Interpreter are developed in <a href="">Axis2
Framework</a> and provide web service interfaces to GFac-Core and XBaya respectively.</li>
-<li>XRegistry is a registry services which provides a web service interface to a database
of application, service and workflow deployment descriptions. XRegistry is developed using
<a href="">XSUL</a>, </li>
-<h2 id="developers_guide">Developers Guide</h2>
-<p>Some coding practices:</p>
-<li>License Header: Always add the current ASF license header as described in <a
href="">ASF Source Header</a>.</li>
-<li>Trailing Whitespaces: Remove all trailing whitespaces. Eclipse users can use Source-&gt;Cleanup
option to accomplish this.</li>
-<li>Indentation: Use 4 space indents and never use tabs!</li>
-<li>Line wrapping: Use 120-column line width for Java code and Javadoc.</li>
-<li>Author Tags: Do not use Author Tags. The code is developed and owned by the community.
-<h3 id="eclipse_configuration_tips">Eclipse Configuration Tips</h3>
-<li>Download <a href="">Eclipse IDE for Java
EE Developers</a></li>
-<li>Add <a href="">M2Eclipse</a>
-<li>Add <a href="">Subclipse</a>
-<p>Configure Eclipse Prefernces</p>
-<li>Download Eclipse Formatting and Style Guides for <a href="">Airavata
Style Templates</a></li>
-<li>To add Formatter: Preferences &gt; Java &gt; Code Style &gt;  Formatter
and import the airavata-formatting-preferences.xml downloaded in the previous step. </li>
-<li>To add Templates: Preferences &gt; Java &gt; Code Style &gt; Code Templates
and import the airavata-code-style-template.xml. This templates adds the ASF header and so
on for new code. </li>
+    <h1 class="title">Airavata Build Instructions</h1>
+    <p>Follow instructions to get <a href="source.html">source code</a>.</p>
+<p>Assuming source code is checked out to airavata-trunk directory, for example: </p>
+<p>svn co airavata-trunk</p>
+<h2 id="command_line">Command line</h2>
+<p>maven clear install</p>
+<h3 id="build_profiles">Build profiles</h3>
+<p><a href="">Build profiles
for WS-Messenger</a>:</p>
+<p>messagebroker - mvn clean install -Dmodule=messagebroker</p>
+<p>messagebox   - mvn clean install -Dmodule=messagebox</p>
+<p>messenger - mvn clean install -Dmodule=messenger</p>
+<p>workflowtracking  - mvn clean install -Dmodule=workflowtracking</p>
+<h2 id="eclipse">Eclipse</h2>
+<p>Build first using command line.</p>
+<p>Update classpath to </p>
+<p>maven eclipse:eclipse </p>
+<p>Open eclipse and import projects from airavata-trunk</p>
   <div id="footer">

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