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From ChrisSu <>
Subject Re: Artemis does not reconnect to MySQL after connection timeout
Date Wed, 22 Apr 2020 08:46:58 GMT
I exactly have the same problem like mk666aim! Is there any solution for
this? Compare this stackoverflow thread:

Currently I send keep alive messages to my queues to keep alive the brokers
db connection to the database.

ANswers to your questions:

1) MySQL terminates connections without traffic after 8h.
2) This is not a solution
3) An MySQL connection is thrown, and caught by the brokers general
exception handlern. This restarts the whole messagebroker and disconnects
all clients.
4) As i understand, it's currently not (or no longer) possible to configure
a javax.sql.DataSource which is handled by any connection pool (hikaro,
c3po, ...). Obviously this was possible before via spring xml config.
5) Even if autoReconnect is set to true, the MySQL driver thows an exception
which causes the messagebroker to restart.

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