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From emukang <>
Subject Got duplicated messages when using ha-policy-autobackup
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2019 11:47:43 GMT

I tried the example from this link, but found a bug of duplicated messages
and 2 other issues.

When finish step 16 in HAPolicyAutoBackupExample, if I restart server1 and
consumer1, then all scaled down messages that already consumed in step 16 by
consumer0 will be received again by consumer1.

To reproduce this bug, just follow the setup in the ha-policy-autobackup
example, and add the follow steps after step 16 in

16a: restart server 1
16b: restart consumer1
16c: consumer1 will receive all scaled down messages that already consumed
by consumer0

Is this a bug of Artemis HA, or there is some extra configurations need to
be made in broker.xml to avoid scaled down messages to be consumed again?

*Another 2 issues I found related to this example are:*
1. After restart server1, both server0 and server1 will continuously do
RequestBackupVote actions and never stop, is this normal? See example log

/2019-10-03 17:26:37,916 INFO [org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.server]
AMQ221063: Sending quorum vote response: RequestBackupVote [backupsSize=1,
nodeID=1905cb70-e508-11e9-8290-00505680c5d7, backupAvailable=false]
2019-10-03 17:26:38,926 INFO [org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.server]
AMQ221062: Received quorum vote request: RequestBackupVote [backupsSize=-1,
nodeID=null, backupAvailable=false]/

2. Even if server1 is restarted, the loadbalancer is not working any more.
All messages from procedurer0 will only be sent to server0, instead of half
of messages sent to server0, another half sent to server1.

Thank you and waiting for your reply.


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