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From Arshkr <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ clustering using NFSv4
Date Fri, 16 Aug 2019 00:21:05 GMT
Hi Tim,

I think I got it works. Here is my note, in case any newbie like me have
some idea where to start from :-)

Here is what I did for 3 ActiveMQ servers, and 1 NFS file server:

- Set up an NFS share server on windows 2018, and create a shared folder
name "activemqdata". Instruction on how to setup:

- download ActiveMQ v5.x and copy to 3 Windows 2018 servers, ActiveMQ is
locate at C:\activemq on each server.
Instruction on how to setup:

- From each ActiveMQ server, map a network drive activemqdata\ as a local
drive and assigned a drive letter. In this case, I use B:\activemqdata

- move a data\ directory in ActiveMQ installation to B:\activemq\data, and
deleted remaining "data\" on last two servers

- modify activemq.xml in conf\ directory to use kahadb in "B:\activemq\data"

- Start ActiveMQ on each server, and everything works as expected. In my
case, I have 3 ActiveMQ servers and an NFS file server.

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