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From Arshkr <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ clustering using NFSv4
Date Mon, 12 Aug 2019 23:57:04 GMT
Hi Fran├žois,

Yes, shared NFS file store will be a place for  KahaBD directory between the
brokers.  According to ActiveMQ, it supports NFS version 4.x; which implies
that I need to configure an additional server running NFS so the three VM
brokers can share a data directory over network.

If I choose this direction, do you know if NFS network shares writing with
some delay?

Another alternative, I think, that I could create a shared disk in ESXi and
each broker will map to this disk, but I'm not sure the file lock will work
I did a quick test as trying to read and write a text file on the mapped
drive, and both servers can read/write at the same time. Maybe I did
something incorrectly, so your expert recommendations are welcome.

Phu Nguyen

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