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From "Frank Meilinger" <>
Subject replicated static master/slave - which is the correct URI for an artemis-jms-client?
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2019 21:49:30 GMT

I've followed the test setup and installed a replicated static master/slave environment (like
documented here: Version is Artemis
2.7.0. Both master and slave processes start without errors. 

Now I try to find out which is the correct URI using in a artemis-jms-client. 


After doing a lot of Artemis document and google research, I've tried the following variants: 


Nothing really works. The tested variants with "failover:" schema are not supported for this
client, as I can read in the error message. The other variants work, as long as the master
is running. When regular stopping (or killing with -9) the master, there are errors in the
client code and no transparent failover happens (session get's invalid and/or connection get's

I also tried to use these 5 different URI's with command line consumer and producer but I
have the same problems as in the artemis-jms-client. 

Here are my tests with the command line tools: 

Starting the consumer in one console: 
./artemis consumer --url "<one of the 5 URI's mentioned above>" --destination topic://abc.def
--message-count 10 --data /dev/stdout --durable --clientID myclient 

Starting the producer in an other console: 
./artemis producer --url "<one of the 5 URI's mentioned above>" --destination topic://abc.def
--message test --sleep 1000 --message-count 10 

While the command line producer is sending messages with 1 second delay and the command line
consumer receives them, I stop/kill the master and have hoped that the failover will happen
transparently. But I got more or less the same errors as in the artemis-jms-client. 

So my question is just, what is the correct syntax for the client URI to get transparent failover
for such a master/slave setup (working with both artemis-jms-client and command line clients)? 

Thanks in advance, 

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