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From <>
Subject AMQP Settings Missing from Documentation (Artemis)
Date Mon, 15 Jul 2019 06:16:13 GMT
(Please see the AMQP spec if something is not clear/detailed enough)
In the official documentation a lot of the AMQP settings seem to be missing for eg:

AMQP link flow control (ie message limits) settings:
These can be glimpsed in some examples but they are never explicitly mentioned
What do these mean?

AMQP session level flow control: (ie frame limits [both ways!] Controlling the number of frames
able to be sent/received (this is pretty much: byte size window limits))

I can't see a setting for this -- unless it's: "producerWindowSize" (is this only for core
In the section: [Blocking AMQP Producers] it is just using link level flow control (not session
level flow control). What's the point of sending a 100 credits and then replenishing once
credit reaches 30? Isn't this a bottomless pit? (Shouldn't credit be able to reach 0? And
shouldn't replenishment only happen when unACKed messages start getting ACKed?)
Is the max-size-bytes parameter using session level flow control?

AMQP batch ACK settings:
The only value I saw for this was: confirmation-windowsize but this is only set on the clients?
Is there any such value for the broker?

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