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From Gabriel Almeida Goncalves <>
Subject Re: Can consumers acknowledge/confirm receipt of a message versus auto acknowledgement?
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2019 19:59:23 GMT
Hi Kim.

I don't know if this will help, but I guess its possible..

I'm using the Apache.NMS.ActiveMQ for C#. There, to acknowledge messages individually, 
we must chose the AcknowledgeMode.IndividualAcknowledge when instantiating a session and then
call Message.Acknowledge for each message. Like:

 mySession = connection.CreateSession(AcknowledgementMode.IndividualAcknowledge);

It seems that there are analogous mechanisms in the library you're using:
 Line 142: cms_status cms_acknowledgeMessage(CMS_Message* message);
Line 52: cms_status cms_createSession(CMS_Connection* connection, CMS_Session** session, CMS_ACKNOWLEDGMENT_MODE

Gabriel Almeida Goncalves 
Superintendência de Desenvolvimento 
Diretoria de Desenvolvimento 

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De: "Timothy Bish" <>
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Enviadas: Quarta-feira, 5 de junho de 2019 15:09:10
Assunto: Re: Can consumers acknowledge/confirm receipt of a message versus auto acknowledgement?

On 6/5/19 12:18 PM, wrote:
> Hi!  We have a consumer written using the cms_browserGetNextMessages function
> written by Apache

I don't see this Apache person you mention listed in the committers for 
the that project....

> (
> that is written in C programming language.
> We are experiencing missing messages.  We post messages to a JMS Gateway.
> The Gateway sends to a broker and we consume the messages off this broker.
> Is it possible to have the consumer code confirm or acknowledge each message
> individually?  Right now the behavior we are seeing seems to indicate the
> consumer is auto acknowledging the messages in the broker at one time.

It is unclear what you are asking for here, you reference a QueueBrowser 
implementation but are asking about consumer code so I'm not sure what 
you are looking to do.  A QueueBrowser doesn't support any acknowledge 
types as it is a non-destructive view of messages on a Queue.  The 
browser also makes no guarantees about it showing you every message on a 
Queue so if you are relying on that property then you will likely run 
into trouble.

Looking at the source code for the C wrapper client a message consumer 
could have acknowledgment types other than auto specified, the values 
are here

> Thanks!  Kim
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