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From wildpeanut <>
Subject how does HA config(backup-port-offset) work?
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2019 09:26:47 GMT
I read HA-related document and still can't figure out the config element
'backup-port-offset' meaning.

>From the sentence in document, if the HA policy is colocated then connectors
and acceptors will be inherited from the live server creating it and offset
depending on the setting of backup-port-offset configuration element.

Why backup server need to do offset?

the document also said that if this is set to say 100 (which is the default)
and a connector is using port 61616 then this will be set to 5545 for the
first server created, 5645 for the second and so on.

Does that mean backup server 1 will create new listen port 5545 to live
server, and backup server 2 will create new listen port 5645?

I appreciate any comment which help me to clarify this mechanism. 

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