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From cooshal <>
Subject Too Many TCP Connections, ultimately causing the connections to be dropped by the broker
Date Tue, 11 Jun 2019 08:20:43 GMT

I have a difficult situation here, and I am not able to comprehend this

I have the following error, and I understand that it has reached max.
connections, and I need to change the value for max. connections.

| ERROR | Could not accept connection  : {} | | ActiveMQ Transport Server
Thread Handler:
Exceeded the maximum number of allowed client connections. See the
'maximumConnections' property on the TCP transport configuration URI in the
ActiveMQ configuration file (e.g., activemq.xml)
	at Source)[:1.8.0_172]
2019-06-10 21:22:03,075 | ERROR | Could not accept connection  : {} | | ActiveMQ Transport Server
Thread Handler:

Now, there are two scenarios from here on.

One is my development environment, where I tried deploying my broker using
docker, or simply running an activemq broker from the downloaded
distribution (on Windows), and the version is : 5.14.3. This works
completely fine, and I see something like below, in the ActiveMQ console:

Name  	Remote Address  	Active  	Slow   
ID:MDK-10884-1559899975517-0:2	tcp://	true	false 
ID:MDK-10884-1559899975517-2:8	tcp://	true	false 

Clicking on one of those two connections, I can see all my consumer

I have the same broker configuration in my staging environment (which is
Windows 2012 R2), and broker version is 5.15.4. I am bound to that OS for
the time being. 

>From the ActiveMQ web console, I see hundreds of connections. The same is
from netstat as well.

On both cases, I am using this broker from Apache Karaf (which hosts camel
routes bundles). The bundles and karaf instances are same on both
environments. I have used pax-jms and also configured connection pooling.
But, neither of these settings seem to have an effect in the overloaded
number of connections.

I think, I have encountered this issue, after I switched to pax-jms.

Any pointers on this would be very helpful.


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