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From Bummer <>
Subject Re: Artemis: Recommended topology for reliability?
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2019 05:54:09 GMT
Thank you for your responses, Justin. Also thank you for noting the journal
backup feature. That's great news. :)

Meanwhile, I've developed a simple scripted solution that works for
statically configured clusters such as mine. It simply extracts the broker
configuration and state (the last time it went live) and publishes it on a
certain port. Then each broker instance has its own preloader which decides
whether its safe to start the broker or not just by looking at the state of
each of the other brokers within the cluster. Once it learns that it's safe
to start the instance it just returns RC 0, thus it can be used as
ExecStartPre in *.service files. In case of RC != 0 systemd waits for a
while and then tries again.
It's not stable yet but I'll happily publish the draft if anyone happens to
be interested.

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