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From ahuhatwork <>
Subject Re: Artemis HA with multiple standby slaves behaviour
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2019 19:47:55 GMT
Thanks for the quick response Justin.

I've configured Artemis to use replication as the infrastructure for
shared-storage isn't... great.

So for my situation at work, the hypervisors tend to randomly die on us (and
thus taking the VMs with them). We have 3 zones/hypervisors.

I wanted a single master because we do not think the workload is high enough
to require more than that. Due to the random hypervisor deaths, I wanted a
slave running in each zone.

zone 1: master
zone 2: slave
zone 3: slave

The zones are connected by a nice giant heavy duty router which handles all
traffic, so I find it difficult to imagine that a split brain can occur for
that particular reason (perhaps other reasons which I am ignorant to).

Speaking of split brains, I haven't really been able to discern how to
recover from a split brain. What are the general techniques to recovering
from a split brain? 


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