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From 付 传淮 <>
Subject 答复: ActiveMQ cannot handle too many topic with redeliveryPlugin
Date Thu, 02 May 2019 04:09:19 GMT
Can you provide any dump file:
Just like threaddump or heapdump?

Personal Email

发件人: Franco Ng <> 
发送时间: 2019年5月2日 9:51
主题: ActiveMQ cannot handle too many topic with redeliveryPlugin

Our market data would publish over 20,000 msg/s within 30,000 topics, redeliveryPlugin and
socketBufferSize, however, ActiveMQ seems unable to handle this volume that CPU usage % is
50% and cannot publish any message to
subscriber(s) after certain starting time.  Even, I stop the market data publishing, the CPU
usage of ActiveMQ broker is still eat up 50%, cannot drop for a long time and NO error/warning
log recorded in activemq.log.

When I remove redeliveryPlugin and socketBufferSize from Broker (activemq.xml), it resume

Please help to solve.  Also, how to show redelivery message in log when occur, thanks.

Activemq.xml (part)

<redeliveryPlugin fallbackToDeadLetter="true"
<redeliveryPolicy useCollisionAvoidance="true" maximumRedeliveries="1"
initialRedeliveryDelay="1000" redeliveryDelay="1000"/> </defaultEntry> </redeliveryPolicyMap>
</redeliveryPolicyMap> </redeliveryPlugin>


<transportConnector name="openwire"

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