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From lfernandez <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ 5.5: Not able to get the DLQ_DELIVERY_FAILURE_CAUSE_PROPERTY value
Date Wed, 15 May 2019 15:11:20 GMT
Hey Tim, thanks for your answer, sorry for the delay,

it's true that the Spring DMLC does a message.consume then calls client code
(exception happens) Spring tries to rollback, which executes the code in
ActiveMQMessageConsumer.rollback() where I think the redelivery policy kicks
in, I think the main problem is that the lastMd.getRollbackCause() is not
populated, even if there's no DMLC, how are we supposed to deal with
messages that are pulled out of ActiveMQ and get an exception, I only see
that we do a .setRollBackCause when there's a message.dispatch which happens
only if we don't pull. 

that's the main different between DMLC and SMLC, the first one does pulling
and the second one gives more control to activemq to do work. Correct me if
I'm wrong :) thanks again for your answer.

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