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From andreasc <>
Subject Multiple WebLogic Domains with JMS Bridge
Date Thu, 25 Apr 2019 09:59:28 GMT
Hello there,

I have the following issue which bothers me since a couple of weeks. As I
know a lot about Weblogic but next to nothing I ask for forgiveness if my
AMQ description is not up to standard for this forum.

In my organization there is a running Active MQ (I beleive 5.6) which is
working fine.

Now I have an application that needs to get JMS messages from this Active
MQ. This application is running on a WebLogic 12 Server (WLS).

After some trial and error I finally got this running (documentation for the
JMS Bridge on the WLS side is vague). After this worked I automated the
setup in my WLS domain and rebuild the domain from scratch (everything is
scripted here). Works like a charm. When my WLS domain is active it receives
messages put into the Active MQ side, uses the WLS JMS Bridge and finally
the message ends up in a JMS Queue on the WLS.

So far so good.

Now I have a second WLS domain on the same host. Same setup (adapting the
configuration, rebuild the WLS domain) but this is never working.

So in essence the two WLS domains are identical concerning the JMS Bridge. 

When I look into the Active MQ console I can see in the "Connections" tab in
the OpenWire section the following entries:

Connector openwire
Name   	Remote Address   	Active   	Slow 	tcp:// 
true 	false
ID:sranil004-42816-1554132673777-3:3 	tcp:// 	true 	false

The first entry is showing the name of the host (I substituted my domain
with and the remote address is a loadbalancer.
The second entry is a different WLS domain (test env on a Windows box).

What I would expect is the appearance of the second WLS domain (also on with possibly other ID numbers and a different port.
However, this does never happen. It does not make any difference if I have
my two WLS domains running simultaneously or shut down the working one.

I also changed parts of the names on the WLS side to have some variation in

My questions would be the following:

a) where can i find more information on the configuration of the Active MQ,
specifically on the Openwire Connectors. Some Google results came up but
this didn't help me.

b) Is it possible at all to have more than one JMS Bridge between the
ActiveMQ and the destination (in this case two WLS domains on one host).

c) Where does the information in the OpenWire section of the connection come
from? The only thing I did was to configure the JMS Bridge on the WLS side.
I did nothing on the Active MQ Side in order for the 

/ 	tcp:// 
true 	false/

to show up in the Connections tab.

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