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From TC <>
Subject Re: Kahadb journal logs only deleted when activemq restarts
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2019 11:09:45 GMT
Based on the link
I tried to setup the journal log to see which the reasons for the missing
logs. But failed -my setup is using mKahadb rather than Kahadb. 

I only knows which queue that has lots of journal logs - in my case - it is
a queue that get forwarded from a topic - sample of the activemq.xml 

          <compositeTopic name="MyEventTopic">
                  <queue physicalName="MyEventQueue1" />
                  <queue physicalName="MyEventQueue2" />

The queue that fills up journal logs in mKahadb are MyEventQueue1 and
And in my activemq.log there are many many many duplicate message detected
for MyEventQueue1 and MyEventQueue2. 

And these journal logs get deleted everytime I restart ActiveMQ broker. 

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