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From cristisor <>
Subject Handle dynamic groups of consumers in ActiveMQ
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2019 12:42:53 GMT

I'm planning to integrate JMS/ActiveMQ into a platform with upstream and
downstream communication. Things got complicated because the consumers of
the messages are dynamically configured. On one side there is a backend
server, but on the other side we must manage temporary groups of consumers.

The subscribers are grouped and belong to specific categories, each category
having a known ID. My idea is to use selectors, to deliver the content only
to the category that is meant to receive and process it. All the other
subscribers can ignore the messages.

The subscriptions will be durable, because no data can be lost, but at the
same time the parameters offlineDurableSubscriberTimeout  and
offlineDurableSubscriberTaskSchedule can be used to kill them after some
time. Being temporary, the group is active for some time then it is no
longer needed.

My first idea was to create the topics dynamically, per category ID, then
kill them when they are no longer needed, but doing this adds too much

The communication from the temporary groups back to the backend could be
implemented with queues. Everybody writes to the same queue, the backend is
the only subscriber.

What do you think?


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