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From denisbrondy <>
Subject Bridge fails and reconnect while remoting service through NOB configuration
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2019 11:32:41 GMT
Hi guys,

I'm facing a very strange problem. I tested multiple versions of ACTIVEMQ
and I'm still seeing this issue on 5.15.9.

The setup is the following.

I have component which exposes a service interface with one basic method
which only perform a println. The exporter reads either a queue or a topic
to perform the service call and answers back to consumer to a topic / or
queue depending on the consumer strategy (we use JMSReply concept)

I have a component consuming the service method using a proxy that connects
the topic or queue for the acknowledgement of the service call and writes
the RPC on the queue or topic to the service. Service call is synchronous.

I'm using a network of broker with two brokers.

I'm voluntary connecting the service provider on Broker 1 and the service
consumer on Broker 2 to test the message forwarding in between the two. I'm
performing 2000 service calls.

Setup 1: If I ONLY configure a full duplex bridge from B1 to B2, the test

Setup 2: If I configure two full duplex bridges from B1 to B2 and from B2 to
B1 (which I don't known if it's recommended), the test passes but I'm
observing network bridges disconnecting and reconnecting during the stress

Setup 3: If I only configure two half duplex bridge from B1 to B2 and from
B2 to B1, the test fails after some calls. I see also my network bridge
disconnecting and reconnecting during the stress test

Do you have an idea of what is going wrong ?

Tks for your help ! 

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