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From artemisn00b <>
Subject Network split causing weird behavior
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2019 22:40:49 GMT
Sorry for the number of posts but as I explore more of Artemis, I keep
running into problems everywhere. Excuse me for that please.

So, I have an HA solution now consisting of 3 master and 3 slave nodes, the
pair of master-slave being in different VMs. VM1 = M1-S2, VM2 = M2-S3, VM3 =
M3-S1 is my pairing. When I create a network split between VM1 and VM2, I
expect there to be a quorum voting and that would decide whether or not S2
becomes live or not. However, what I see is that S3 becomes live, even
though there is no connection lost between M2 and S3. Eventually when I
lsof, I see that 5 nodes are listening. I've attached the broker config

m1.xml <>  
m2.xml <>  
m3.xml <>  
s1.xml <>  
s2.xml <>  
s3.xml <>  

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