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From artemisn00b <>
Subject Re: Not receiving all messages when paging
Date Fri, 15 Mar 2019 19:52:23 GMT
Hmm, this is interesting. I tried and I didn't have to bring my broker1 up at
all, to receive all the messages which is strange, as the messages on the
broker should be lost. So, in my case, when exactly does redistribution take
place ? 

For reference - 

1. I send lot of messages fast, and large to broker 1. 
2. My client is listening on broker 3, receiving the messages, but slow. I 
added a sleep there. 
3. Now, a lot of messages get pages on broker 1, and I ungracefully shutdown 
4. My producer reconnects, and moves to broker2. 
5. The client keeps receiving messages on broker3, but only the new ones. 
The ones that were pages on broker1, won't be received. 
6. Now, even after I bring broker1 up live, the paged messages won't be 
delivered to the consumer. 

When a cluster is configured, and a message is being sent to broker1, and
there is no consumer on broker1, but there is one on broker2, will the
messages be paged only on broker2, and not broker1?

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