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From artemisn00b <>
Subject Re: Federation vs cluster
Date Thu, 14 Mar 2019 18:06:17 GMT I have a question. Would you recommend me using a backup at all for
the scenario below -

I have 3 VMs as Artemis servers and I want all messages to be delivered to
all consumers on the servers. I'm currently using a cluster (ip1,ip2,ip3)
and I tear-down and create a new connection on a broker failure. So, it
connects to a server that is up and running. It seems to be working fine,
except I don't think it's a robust solution.

Can you suggest a better implementation for the above scenario? Would you
say I should use a backup? I'm trying without one, as it needs extra memory
and in case the master fails, and the connection failed over to a slave, and
that slave also fails, I anyway have to tear down that connection and create
a new one.

Thanks for all the help. Reallllyyyy appreciate it! :)

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