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From Franco Ng <>
Subject Re: Slow performance to handle over 60,000 wildcard topics with 2,000msg/s
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2019 06:24:58 GMT
I set authorizationPlugin plugin as belolw, assign "user" can create &
publish any queues and topics.  When I publish 2,000 message/sec with 60,000
wildcard topics (E.g. stock.000001), whole ActiveMQ server performance is
down, CPU usage eat up to 50% and too many topic JMS messages are pending in
ActiveMQ server.  However, I remove authorizationPlugin from activemq.xml,
the problem is solved and CPU usage just eat up 2% and no pending JMS

            <simpleAuthenticationPlugin anonymousAccessAllowed="false">
                    <authenticationUser username="user" password="password"
                            <authorizationEntry queue=">"
write="admins,users" read="admins,users" admin="admins,users" />
                            <authorizationEntry topic=">"
write="admins,users" read="admins,users" admin="admins,users" />

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