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From ramapr00 <>
Subject SQL Server cluster fail over issue with ActiveMQ
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2019 20:36:46 GMT
1. We have 2 ActiveMQ Services installed (A, B) on different machines (Amq1,
   which are configured in ActiveMQ Failover configuration- 
   Both relay on a single SQL database. 
   This single database is configured in SQL Failover configuration 
   using 2 Microsoft SQL Servers (Server1, Server2) 

2. When shutting one of A or B, 
   it fails-over *properly* to the other one. 

3. However when the database fails-over- 
   both ActiveMQ services A and B go down. 

4. When starting again the services they connect properly. 

The problem is that when there's SQL Failover, the ActiveMQ can't recover by
It won't reconnect by itself until we start manually back the Service. 

The activemq version is 5.13.1

I appreciate any help.

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