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From Chinman01 <>
Subject Cannot add custom transport
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2019 15:27:35 GMT
I've been struggling with adding a new transport on ActiveMQ.

I compiled a jar with my transport (ModifiedSSLTransport) and
transportfactory (ModifiedAMQPSSLTransportFactory) and added on /lib a file
called amqpFil with contents "class=ModifiedAMQPSSLTransportFactory".

I annexed my activemq.xml file, but the relevant part is the following:
"<transportConnector name="amqpFil"

I get this error: "Transport Connector could not be registered in JMX: Transport scheme NOT recognized: [amqpFil]".

I think I'm not putting the amqpFil file on the correct place, but have no
idea where I should put it. I tried putting it on the
folder on the compiled jar, I have extracted the AMQP jar, put it on its and re-compressed it and I always get the same error.

Where should the amqpFil file go? What am I doing wrong?

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