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From emw <>
Subject Re: Unwanted (unsolicited) messages from ActiveMQ.Advisory.MasterBroker
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2019 15:21:06 GMT
I did some tests and outcome is that it is neither a matter of point 1) nor
point 2).
The issue arises when listening queue when ends with .>
I changed my topics and queues namespace and now I'm not getting advisory
message anymore.
Moreover I noted that in the activemq webconsole when advisory message is
the 'Number Of Pending Messages' is -1!!!

At this point do think an issues must be submitted?

My new working configuration is (note that I changes prefix into cloud. but
again it is not a matter of preifx but a matter of .> at the end of
listening queue):
listener listens to cloud.mqtt.*.values
and activemq.xml is
      <virtualTopic name="mqtt.>" prefix="cloud." selectorAware="false"/>

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